Mediation Scheduling

To request a civil or family mediation with Kristi J. Paulson…

  1. Call her office at (952) 892-1300 or text or call her cell (612) 598-9432 or
  2. Email her at [email protected]


Preliminary Information – Please provide the following information:

  1. Case Type
  2. Names of parties, lawyers and firms
  3. Case name and venue
  4. Deadlines, if applicable
  5. Preferred Mediation Dates/Scheduling Matters/Request for In person or Online Mediation

Mediations are scheduled for half day or full day sessions.   If follow up or additional sessions are required, those will be scheduled at or after the first hearing.

Once we have the necessary information to schedule the case, an online link will be sent to allow you to coordinate calendars.  This link is generally sent  in 1-3 business days.  Once the hearing date is set, a confirmation email letter and a copy of the Mediation Agreement will be sent to the attorneys in the case.  Once a date has been selected by all parties, the hearing date will be set.


In Person Mediations will be held at the offices of one of the two attorneys involved if the parties agree.  Otherwise, office space is available in the IDS Center or the Two22 Center Downtown Minneapolis.

Remote Mediations – an online mediation option using ZOOM is also available.


Fees are shared equally between participating parties unless otherwise agreed to by the parties.  PowerHouse Mediation reserves the right to require a deposit in advance of the mediation and to collect mediation fees the day of the mediation.  Attorneys are responsible for the mediation fees, regardless of whether they have their clients pay the mediator directly or not.   If payment is not received on the date of the mediation, it must be received within five (5) days of the mediation.  Parties are responsible for any costs and disbursements associated with fee collection for unpaid balances.

Kristi J. Paulson fees are charged by the hour with a minimum fee of two (2) hours.  Please contact Kristi J. Paulson for specific fee and cancellation requirements.


Kristi J. Paulson requests submission of ALL relevant information and documents two days prior to the hearing in order to allow her adequate time to review and evaluate the claim.   Kristi J. Paulson reserves the right to schedule telephone or electronic conferences with both parties prior to the mediation.

FURTHER Questions – Please feel free to contact Kristi J. Paulson at her office (952) 892-1300, call/text her cell phone (612) 598-9432, or email her at [email protected]

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