Arbitration is a process during which a neutral third-party renders listens to the parties and then makes a binding decision as a way of resolving a legal dispute.  Arbitration can offer significant time and cost savings over trial by the courts.  Arbitration is also often more convenient to the parties and counsel.

Kristi Paulson Mingus is a Minnesota Rule 114 Qualified Neutral/Arbitrator having completed the training to be included on the roster of professionals.  She is an experienced lawyer with extensive knowledge of the issues to be arbitrate and the law to be applied. She has tried or presided over dozens of cases involving the issues in which she has expertise. Kristi presides over matters including:

  • Probate and trust disputes
  • Financial issues during separation and divorce as well as post-divorce
  • Parenting arrangements
  • Tort claims
  • Insurance coverage disputes

Our Arbitration Process

In arbitration, parties to a legal dispute submit the matter for binding resolution to a private neutral. Usually the neutral has specific knowledge of the subject matter of the dispute. Unlike mediation, arbitration is final: the decision of the arbitrator binds the parties and is fully enforceable under the law.  Our arbitration services are specifically designed to meet the unique needs of parties.

We provide:

  • An arbitrator with practical knowledge and litigation experience in his/her area of expertise
  • A no-obligation introductory meeting with the arbitrator to discuss the dispute, the issues and claims involved and the parties’ respective objectives
  • A complimentary proposed arbitration plan designed to meet the parties’ objectives, accommodate their needs for discovery and resolve the dispute fairly and expeditiously, which may include a phased process to promote the early determination of critical legal and factual issues which will contribute to the efficient and focused resolution of the dispute
  • Cost certainty – the final arbitration plan will include definitive deadlines and a fixed budget
  • Timely decision – the final arbitration plan will specify a fixed date for a written decision

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