Business and Civil Mediation


Business and Civil Mediation | Minnesota, North Dakota and Beyond

How We Help Businesses and Individuals

Our civil litigation mediation practice includes working with individuals, businesses, organizations, and associations to resolve disputes regarding issues including:


  • contract breaches and disputes
  • civil litigation
  • business restructuring and/or dissolution
  • claims of discrimination and wrongful termination and other employment-related issues
  • real estate, condominium and border disputes
  • tort and personal injury claims
  • court-related discovery disputes
  • zoning challenges

Kristi J. Paulson is an experienced trial attorney.  She has tried dozens of cases involving all kinds of issues.  She understands the trial process, and the challenges faced by clients considering or already involved in litigation.

She has experience working with partners, managers and owners of businesses to resolve differences and allow the business to move forward.  In other cases, we have assisted business owners in dissolving or reorganizing their businesses in ways that support continued relationships moving forward.

Workplace Disputes

We work with employers and employees to design practical solutions to workplace disputes.   In many cases, we facilitate conversations and assist in designing solutions while there is opportunity to reach agreement without the involvement of counsel.

We also work with employees and employers once counsel is involved to find long-term solutions that allow the employment relationship to succeed.  Our mediators also assist parties who have filed complaints with the Minnesota Human Rights Commission and the EEOC regarding discrimination and wrongful termination.

Find Out How Mediation Can Be Beneficial to You

We serve business clients in Minnesota, North Dakota and beyond.  Call us to learn more.

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