Personal Injury Mediation

Personal Injury Mediation

Serving Clients in Minnesota, North Dakota, and Beyond

Nearly all personal injury matters are amenable to being resolved prior to trial.   Injured victims want fair compensation for their injuries and Defendants and their insurance companies want to reduce legal fees and potential judgments.

With years of both trial and mediation experience, Kristi J. Paulson’s focus is on helping litigants and their counsel engage in meaningful and productive opportunities for settlement.  She has been highly successful in this regard, often helping parties reach a settlement in circumstances where trial seemed a virtual certainty.

As Mediators, We Provide the Neutral Evaluation and Setting to Help Foster Settlements

In many cases, parties involved in an injury lawsuit want to be heard and have their position validated.  Importantly, parties also benefit from hearing from a neutral about the risks and potential holes in their case.  In all circumstances it will be beneficial for parties to realize that their case will have an outcome (either one in which they participate through a settlement or at trial), and for them to make decisions about the merits of their case and the options and risks available.

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