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Kristi is uniquely qualified to conduct online mediations as well as in person mediations.   Beginning in 2009, she was regularly retained as an online consultant by a variety of colleges to develop online educational programs.   She has been hired as a consultant by companies developing online mediation forums.  Kristi describes herself as “old school” favoring in person process but recognized the demand and success that mediation can have when done correctly in the digital age.   Kristi understands the unique dynamics and challenges online communication involves.  Her background and experience in Communications helps her to establish rapport with the parties work to find creative and acceptable solutions all around.

Online Mediation: Easy, Innovative, Efficient, Effective

ONLINE MEDIATION, using web-based videoconferencing, is rapidly gaining widespread acceptance as an innovative, efficient and effective alternative to conventional in-person mediation.

ONLINE MEDIATION makes active, virtual participation in a mediation possible regardless of where the the mediator, the lawyers, the parties or other decision makers are located.

ONLINE MEDIATION significantly lowers the cost of mediation in cases where travel and related expenses would otherwise be necessary.

ONLINE MEDIATION allows the parties to select from among the most effective and experienced mediators in the country.  Geographical limitations no longer exist.

ONLINE MEDIATION technology emulates the essential elements and advantages of an in-person mediation including:

  • Private, Confidential Breakout and Meeting Rooms for Caucuses
  • Inclusive Joint Sessions
  • 1-On-1 Private, Confidential Conversations Between Lawyers And Their Clients (With Or Without The Mediator)
  • Easy Use Of Screen Sharing, Power-Points, Whiteboards And Other Presentation Technologies
  • Simple Document Sharing
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