How do we get Zoom?

Whether using a desktop, lap top, pad or smartphone, accessing Zoom is easy.   We encourage you to load Zoom on your computer or phone in advance, so you aren’t delayed when you join the mediation.  It is easy.

For a desktop, laptop or iPad, you have two choices:

  1. Go to https://zoom.us/ and click on the Sign Up, It’s Free button at the top right of the screen; or

  2. Go to https://zoom.us/, click on Resources at the top right of the screen, and then Download Zoom Client.

If you expect to be using Zoom again, we recommend you sign up for a free account.  (You may note that the free account only allows group sessions lasting 40 minutes.  That time restriction will not apply if you connect to one of our mediations, as we have a platform that gives us up to 24 hours).

For an iPhone or Android phone, simply download the Zoom Cloud Meetings app.

If you practice with Zoom beforehand you will quickly get a sense how easily this program works.  We suggest you try it to video-conference with a spouse, child or friend.

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